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Nordic Technology Group (NTG) is dedicated to technologies contributing to solve society challenges by using electronics and software as its building blocks. By devotion to its technology segments, sensor, nanomaterials and clean-tech, NTG is targeting international markets and building industry leaders, by utilizing synergies within and across each of its technology sectors and by leveraging on its extensive patent library to secure shareholder value and growth.

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Financial Reports & Presentations

Annual Report 2023
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2H-2023 Financials and Investor Presentation
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Annual Report 2022
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2H-2022 Financials and Investor Presentation
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1H-2022 Financials and Investor Presentation
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Corporate Governance

The Nordic Technology Group's core mission is to establish and execute robust, sustainable, ethical, and competitive business practices, driving enduring value and returns for our valued stakeholders. A cornerstone of our organizational philosophy lies in the cultivation of effective corporate governance, which we consider indispensable for the attainment of these objectives. Within the Nordic Technology Group, robust governance principles serve as the bedrock of our operations.

Consequently, the Nordic Technology Group delineates well-defined responsibilities and anticipations for our leaders, staff, and partners through our governance framework, thereby facilitating streamlined operations and fostering the requisite oversight and management mechanisms. Our commitment to effective corporate governance ensures a seamless collaboration where all participants possess a lucid comprehension of their respective roles, responsibilities, entitlements, and obligations.

At the Nordic Technology Group, our corporate governance practices are meticulously structured to align with formal regulations and universally recognized best practices. This commitment underscores our unwavering dedication to upholding transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct at all levels of our organization.


Transparency Act Report - NTG

Nordic Technology Group AS (“NTG”) has today published its report in accordancewith the Transparency Act.

NTG - Capital Markets Day 2024 - full presentation

Watch the full presentation that were delivered at the highly anticipated Capital Markets Day of 2024.

Annual general meeting in Nordic Technology Group AS on 12 June 2024

The annual general meeting in Nordic Technology Group AS (“NTG” or “theCompany”) was held on 12 June 2024 at 4.00pm CET.

MossHydro AS secures a commercial contract for Filtration System to the Oslo municipal drinking water supply at Huseby

MossHydro AS, a subsidiary of Nordic Technology Group AS, is pleased to announcethe signing of a commercial contract with Eliquo PMI for Filtration System tothe Oslo municipal drinking water supply at Huseby with a value of NOK 2,9 mill.